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In Honor of the late

Dr. Myles Munroe

     (April 20, 1954 - November 9, 2014)

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Dr. Diana E. Clemons




Welcome To Dr. Clemons & EAGLE Mastermind Associate Providers (E-MAP©) Program




The journey that you are about to embark upon will make a significant impact on your life.  


The Dr. Clemons & EAGLE Mastermind Associate Providers (E-MAP©) Program are certified leaders who have years of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship and relationship development.  


Yes, the Dr. Clemons EAGLE Mastermind Associate Providers (E-MAP©) have other skills, gifts and talents that will be integrated into the curriculum, however the primary focus is to add value to others to be an "Emerging and Aspiring Global Leader and or Entrepreneur.  who will be change agents in their communities locally and globally. 

My mentor the late Dr. Myles Munroe, founded the Myles Munroe International that was developed to provide personal mentoring opportunities for selected individuals committed to personal development through the Leadership Mentoring Program.











A follower of Dr. Munroe since 1995, whom I was introduced to by Njeri Shomari, a beloved sister friend for over 35 years, I was humbly blessed when I was notified that I was selected to enroll in the program.




















I completed levels one and two and was waiting for the next assignments. In the meantime, I attended  2013 Global Leadership Summit which included a meeting with Dr. Munroe and all of his mentees.  After the meeting, I had an opportunity to share an ideal with Dr. Munroe that would add value to the existing curriculum model and to expand into more regions.  His reply to me after asking a few questions was "Submit me a proposal."  

Several months after the meeting with Dr. Munroe, I contacted Dr. Darrell Wilson, one of his spiritual sons and board member to share the proposed mentoring and leadership development curriculum that would be developed to add value to the Myles Munroe Mentorship Program. Under the leadership of Dr. Wilson and Dr. Clemons, Robin Robinson and Sergio Moore, all worked diligently for three months to complete the proposal.  


The Myles Munroe & Associate Providers (MAP) proposal was emailed to Dr. Wilson November 8 and 9th of 2014 to be presented to Dr. Munroe, Charisa and Myles "Chario" Munroe after the 2014 Global Leadership Forum.     


Several hours after the resumes and bio-graphical sketch from my team leaders were emailed to Dr. Wilson on November 9, 2014, I received the news regarding the plane crash. I was devastated, sad, angry and confused. My immediate outburst was Why God, why?

Our beloved leader who made a significant impact on millions of people, I, Dr. Diana E. Clemons, is humbly blessed to have received the mantel and importation along with other mentees, who was in attendance at the 2014 Global Leadership Summit in Freeport, Bahamas, was granted permission to utilize any of the books and other resources as long as we verbally state and or is referenced in written format, that the materials is authored by now the late Dr. Myles Munroe.


This program is dedicated to my spiritual Father and mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe.  Through my purpose, I will continue to teach men, women, young adults and teens to be effective leaders and or entrepreneurs, who will be the "Change Agents" locally and globally.

I will unconditionally respect the directives given to me and I will in due season reconnect and work closely with CharisaMyles "Chario" Munroe to keep the legacy alive.                                                          


                                                   Dr. Diana E. Clemons


                                                                                                (816) 882-5757



















































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