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The Core Empowerment Learning Resource selected to promote your business is "Becoming A Leader - Everyone Can Do It. TEAM Partners are required to conduct three (3) Mastermind Group sessions within 12 months after joining the Dr. Myles Munroe EAGLE TEAM.














Per the Memorandum of Agreement , TEAM partners can not charge a fee for their participants to attend.  


EAGLE TEAM partners who have been providing leadership and entrepreneurship development, coaching and speaking services for three (3) or more years as documented in your curriculum vitae, are exempt from conducting three Mastermind Groups.


 The requirement is to conduct one Mastermind Group.  After requirements have been met, EAGLE TEAM partners are free to provide services utilizing any of the seven (7) core empowerment learning resources listed below.  



The following are the teaching modules, PowerPoints, handouts, video and audio resources. 


Click on the files provided to download and Save to your flash drive.  Note:  The videos and MP3 audio files can not be downloaded from this site.  You can purchase the core empowerment learning resources from or from your EAGLE TEAM partner website.  

     START YOUR JOURNEY -      You/We Can Do It





The Dr. Myles Munroe Associate Providers (MAP) Program is designed to empower, motivate and equip you, our Associates to be successful in your purpose as a teacher, facilitator, speaker and life coach that can be utilized in your purpose. 


The core T.E.A.M Associates, who will be chosen to assist me in this new program, will work diligently alongside me because the principle all will stand on is that Together Everyone Accomplishes their Mission (T.E.A.M.).  




The slogan developed by Dr. Munroe….


 “Transforming Followers Into Leaders and Leaders Into Agents of Change” is aligned with his mission and purpose which is leadership development.  Since the early 1980’s several hundred leaders have been mentored by Dr. Munroe. Dr. Munroe has spoken to millions for over thirty years empowering men, women and teens sharing with them that they are born leaders destined to “Become” leaders. He is the author of approximately 35 books, many that have sold millions.


The Core Empowerment Learning Resources selected has made a significant impact on leaders, whom many are multi-millionaires and or have secured millions for their non-profit businesses and ministries.  While, we are not guaranteeing you that you will make millions because you have invested in this program.  


What we are saying is that whatever your goals and objectives are for being prosperous, the responsibility solely rests upon your shoulders. The goal is to provide you with the resources to include but not limited to on-going learning opportunities online, Associate Providers Support, interactive training sessions held throughout the year and distance learning conducted through our webinars that are facilitated by Dr. Munroe and his core leaders.


The Core Empowerment Learning Resources includes but is not limited to resources such as facilitators guide with scripts, participant workbook, PowerPoint slide with notes, reproducible lesson plans, video and audio all derived from the books Dr. Munroe has authored.  


Additionally, on an as need basic,  additional resources that will be available to you on the MAP Program online University will be approved by Dr. Myles Munroe.


The leaders who have been mentored by Dr. Munore, who will be a part of the training and support staff are chosen to assist me, adding VALUE to YOU in order for YOU to be successful.  


The TEAM will work diligently to make sure we keep our commitment to provide the following services to include but is not limited to:  Webinar trainings utilizing professional and successful leaders, who will teach leadership development for Emerging and Proven Leaders, entrepreneurship, personal life development  coaching, Mastermind Group, business plan development, marketing, sales, organizational development, team building, personality types and temperament, motivational speaking, facilitation, capacity building, sustainability and other curriculum education, deemed necessary to "BECOME WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE."  


It is anticipated that  you will be empowered, motivated, equipped and that that the value added to you from our TEAM of Associate Leaders that it will lead to you toward your destination as a result of the road MAP you followed Step by Step.  In due season YOU will be more be successful, self-sufficient and prosperous.  


The clarion call from the mandate Dr. Munroe shared at Leadership Conferences and Global Summit for over 25 years, have made an impact on millions of people.  


The legacy that Dr. Myles Munroe has passed onto to millions of people,  through the books written, teaching, preaching and motivational speaking at thousands of venues to include television networks, the recources you have been provided is priceless and invaluable.  


One of the objectives for the Dr. Myles Munroe Associate Providers (MAP) Program is passing it on, that supports the title of the book - "Passing It On - Growing Your Future Leaders", released in 2011.   



mentoring, coaching and that Together Each Accomplishes their Mission (TEAM©).  


It truly will take a TEAM to impact the millions of men, women and teens, who need to be empowered to pursue their purpose while you simultaneously accomplishing your specific mission, vision, goals and objectives. 


The mission of this initiative is to expand beyond the several hundred leaders who have graduated and now are alumni members as well as existing leaders enrolled in the Dr. Myles Munroe Mentorship program to have thousands of leaders who will by choice be a part of the Dr. Myles Munroe Associates Providers (MAP) Program.   


For years, Dr. Munroe has allowed leaders attending the leadership conferences, annual summit and retreats to take pictures from their devices (i.e., IPad, cell phone, etc.) of the PowerPoint presentation. He also humbly shares with the leaders that he does have an issue with them taking pictures of the PowerPoint presentations; just make sure you give me credit as well as the other leaders who share the platform with him.    


Because we C.A.R.E. our core leaders who will be Committed, Accountable, Responsible and Engaged, will work closely with you to add value to you for the purpose of providing you all of the tools and resources to better serve your target group locally in your communities and globally.   






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